Pics by Kathy


Dear Family and Friends (and those of you who were just surfing and accidentally arrived here!),

I am finally publishing my attempt at a website.  Please bear with my novice status - hopefully I will learn more and improve the quality over time.

My objective is to share my pictures and tales of our travels - to that end you can select pages listed above for viewing.  Where We Are Now will show you a map of our most recent location.  The Blog will be a journal of our travels.  CurrentTravelPics will be our photos of this trip.

You can view the pictures in several ways, but if you wish full screen pictures, the best method is to select an album by clicking on the picture, then selecting the slideshow button at the bottom of the page of thumbnails for the selected album.  You can then control the progress of the pictures manually using the arrows or let the slideshow run on its own.  In this view, the titles appear at the top of the page.  ALTERNATIVELY, you can select the Grid view and click on the first picture - the view will be slightly smaller than full screen, but you can manually control the speed (move your cursor to the bottom of the page for the arrows) and the titles appear more clearly. 

Since this is a first attempt, please let me know if you have problems of any type and if I can, I’ll correct them.



Denali National Park, Us at our wedding site (23 years later), Vermillion Flycatcher on Paynes Prairie, Bryce Canyon National Park

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